Music and Movement Classes for Toddlers and Young Children - Serving Alexandria, 
Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Great Falls, Reston and Vienna in Northern Virginia

Celebrating 10 Great Years 2002–2012!!!


What makes our programs special?

- Our comprehensive curriculum of 38 lessons enables children to discover the world around them through a variety of activities in a predictable routine.
- Each lesson centers on a theme, adding excitement, meaning and accessibility to children of widely varying language skills.
- Spanish and American Sign Language, the 2nd and 3rd most common languages in our country, are woven into each lesson to facilitate communications in our diverse classrooms.

Our interactive format sparks interest and nurtures confidence and a positive self-image. And the use of "classic" materials - music and stories by legendary writers and musicians - conveys the gift of our rich cultural legacy to future generations.

Thanks to our small class size and differentiated instruction, each child in every program is challenged at his or her own level. Adult participation is required, and parents and caregivers enjoy our classes as much as the children!

Here is a brief description of each program that we offer through local community centers. All classes are 45 minutes long and are offered once a week in quarterly sessions. Most parents re-enroll their children for multiple sessions to take full advantage of all 38 lessons in our curriculum.

Happy Hands® (Birth-17 months w/Adult)

In Happy Hands, the focus of our work is creating a precious environment to enhance the adult child interaction. You are your child’s most important teacher, so we provide you with inspirations and materials to help you, or your child’s caregiver, stimulate the senses and nurture the healthy development of your child.

We begin with a warm greeting song and a storybook filled with wonderful artwork or photographs. Musical activities follow, including singing, bouncing, rocking, and dancing, fingerplays using ASL, and movement exercises. Large age-appropriate props like balls and parachutes offer new experiences in touch and texture.

American Sign language is strongly emphasized in this class since many children can learn to sign before they speak. Spanish is also used to help develop the child's ear for different linguistic sounds.

Hop 'n Bop!™ (1-4 years w/Adult)

Here’s an indoor play adventure for the curious and busy child! In this new program designed by Classic Tales 'n Tunes LLC, children and their parent or caregiver explore a variety of gross motor equipment and instruments in a fun, music-infused atmosphere. Under the teacher's guidance, parents and caregivers help their children improve their motor coordination, body awareness, social skills, creativity and self esteem as they climb, roll, balance, jump and pretend.

Classic Tales ‘n Tunes® (1.5-5 years w/Adult)

(Younger siblings may attend this class for free if they are under 12 months, and by enrolling if they are 12 months or over.)

Class begins with a warm welcome from the teacher and a greeting song with classmates. We gather for circle time, and a wonderful story sets the theme of the lesson. Children “help” read the story, sometimes responding in unison, and sometimes offering personal insights. Friendly puppets visit, offering new surprises and helping develop more interest in the theme of the story. We sing and celebrate our theme musically and kinesthetically using props, instruments, our bodies and voices. Spanish and American Sign Language are seamlessly integrated throughout our class, to make our work as educational and inclusive as possible.

After exerting their energies to focus during circle time, students enjoy a free play time with their choice of gross motor equipment. Children climb and slide, tumble and dance as more delightful melodies inspire their imaginations.

Towards the end of class we work cooperatively with a parachute, using our creativity and further developing cognitive skills. In the end, we gather together for a cheery goodbye song.

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